Hi, I’m Adayre.

I’m a character in an unfinished novel and I’m going behind my author’s back and starting a blog. Not sure if the novel’s ever going to be finished, and I don’t want to end up in the recycling bin.


This is a picture I’ve made based on the little I do know about myself:

  • That I’m in Year 9 at a school called St Teresa’s,
  • have red hair,
  • and am a girl

The stuff I didn’t put in the picture is:

  • I have a cat called Corbett and a dog called Barker (The Two Ronnies).
  • I’ve got a younger brother called Blair. My dad sometimes calls him Seaweed.
  • and we live with our Mum and Dad in Sydney – I don’t know where exactly, but I’m going to find out!

I’ll probs add stuff later.

When I get around to it.

If my author can be lazy, so can I!!!!

I want to hear what you have to say, so say it here!