Hi again, it’s me, Adayre. I know you know who I am because my name is everywhere on this site, but it sounds polite, so there you go.

Short post this time.

You’ll notice I’ve added some pictures to the site. I know I asked for suggestions last time, but I couldn’t wait too long for replies, so I did what any real person would do and searched the net, and I found this site called Bitstrips.com.

So, I created a cartoon character of myself.


Here it is.

You’ll see I have shoulder length red hair, like it says in the unfinished novel that I’m in, but I’ve also made some choices about face, eyes, clothes and stuff. I think it looks okay, but it doesn’t do much to help me in Quest #1 (to become a real girl). So, that’s still something that I have to work on. I’ve put the Bitstrip image on Facebook and Twitter as well.

Bitstrip is limited however. You have to use their images and, well, I hardly look unique. I figure if you’re going to be real, you really should  look unique. My author may not be too happy of course. He wants his characters reinvented every time someone new reads the book.

I’m thinking of inviting other characters in the book to contribute to my blog – my brother, Blair, for instance. What do you think? I’ll be editor-in-chief of course. Can’t have him saying something horrible about me! On the other hand if he does, it’ll say more about what a despicable little brother he actually is.

I think I’ve decided without your help. I’ll invite contributions. That will legitimise the blog and me.

A few comments from readers would legitimise me as well, by the way!

Come on, people! Comment, follow me, tweet what I say, friend me on F’book, etc! You have to help me become a real girl, just like Pinocchio’s friends helped him become a real boy. And unlike Pinocchio, I don’t lie.

I just make things up a bit.

I have to, because my author has failed me.


Adayre xxx


I want to hear what you have to say, so say it here!