Ok, this is a bit of an experiment.

Right from the outset, can I say that I’m a work of fiction. I’m not going to tell you my author’s name. Not yet anyway. I’m a bit worried he’ll Google himself and find this. And boy, then will I be in hot water!

You see, my author doesn’t know I’m doing this. I’m going behind his back. The manuscript in which I exist has been sitting in a drawer for far too long and I’m sick of it. Now I’m not going into the ins and outs of how I managed to start a blog all by myself. If you want you can put it down to magic realism.

Another thing. I’m using a pseudonym. I’ve got to be careful. He might accidentally find me on the web if I use my real name. He’s a writer and probably has a nom de plume, so why shouldn’t I?

Now, I haven’t read the book. He’s keeping it from me. I’ve only got snippets of info about myself. I suppose I’ll find out more later in life. The snippets I know are in the “About Adayre” section. As I find out more I’ll update it.

So, how did I find out these snippets? Well, we have these conversations, my creator and I, and I know what you’re thinking –

“They’re not conversations, because he’s doing all the writing” –

but I reckon I do play a part! Even if I’m fictional, I still exist in his head! So, when we have our conversations, I am talking to him, and he is talking to me. So there!

However, I do take your point, which leads to what is going to be my first quest. I think there are going to be many quests before I’m done (including the one in the novel) but this is the first one.

Quest #1: To become a real girl!

Yes! I don’t think you can be real and know as little about yourself as I do. So, I’m going to make friends and I’m going to become somebody! You’re reading my blog, aren’t you? So, that gives me credence and credibility. Doesn’t it?

I know what you’re thinking. I’m just a puppet, like Pinocchio.

But this is where you can help! You can make suggestions about what I can do to achieve my quest.

I’ve set up a Facebook account, even though Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t like fictional characters. He only wants “real people” on his site.

(Where did I get that piece of info? It must come from my author.)

Well, I am real in a way, as I explained earlier, so maybe I’ll do it anyway. How’s Zuckerberg going to know? In fact, it’ll be a good way to test how real I’m getting. Find the link to the left of this page.

I’ve already set up a Twitter account. So please follow me and I’ll follow you. I’ll always put it on Twitter when I have a new post. The link for this is also to the left of this page.

I know my author would also like me to be real, but he means it in a different way – he wants it to be a reflection of his brilliant writing. He’s dying for people to say,

“Oh she’s so realistic! You’ve really captured her voice beautifully! She sounds just like a real 14-year girl.”

Which is what I am, by the way: a 14 year old girl who wants to discover more about herself – more than just the name of the school she goes to and who’s in her family. I don’t even have a clear idea of what I look like. According to him, I have shoulder length reddish hair, but that’s not a complete picture. He’d say ‘the readers will fill in the rest’, and that is exactly want I want you to do. Interact with my blog and help me to create my real character. Realer anyway than what my author has created so far. Shoulder length red hair! Pffft!

Now, coming back to reality (joke!)

If you have any comments on that or any suggestions at all, please leave them at the bottom of my blog post. Which brings me to… (Drum roll)

Things I want you to comment on/make suggestions about:

  •  I want to make this blog look good with pictures and things. Now I don’t have any pics of me (for obvious reasons), but I’d like some. I can’t draw and I can’t steal other people’s images. In any case, how’s that going to help me achieve Quest #1? Please make suggestions as to what I can do.
  • I read that I have to make sure everyone who comes here knows this is a fictional blog. I reckon I’ve made it clear already, but it‘s been said that I have to have some kind of formal disclaimer or something on here. I would like to make it interesting. I thought I could have quotes from readers on my home page that say it how it is. Things like “You’re unreal, Adayre!” or “It’s such a pity I can’t meet you in person. You sound fab.” You can probably do better and if you do, I’ll publish you on my blog.
  • Anything else that is going to help me achieve Quest #1.

–           No-one is allowed to say surgery! You’re writing to me not my author and you can’t perform surgery on a fictional character!

–          Don’t be too critical of my writing – I’m working on it.

–          Be super critical of my writing. But…

(DISCLAIMER ALERT – better put it in italics)

If you just hate my writing, don’t tell me that. Just find another blog to read that you do like. I hope that doesn’t sound rude.

Although real people can be rude and that’s my aim – (ambiguous, but you know what I mean!)

See you next time and don’t forget to follow me on Twitter.



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